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5th Grade Total Curriculum Kit- Doer

The DOER curriculum package is a full year of fun and engaging learning activities promoting the love of learning all designed around active learning.


The DOER curriculum package combines a full year of fun and engaging learning activities that promote the love of learning and provide the stepping stones for future academics — all designed around active learning.

Your fifth-grade curriculum package includes a comprehensive learning program for math, science, social studies, and English language arts, plus the tools an instructor needs to support this learning experience. Expertly-developed one-to-one Instructor Guides supplement each course, providing fun and engaging prompts designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of the content and enjoy a variety of activities directly aligned to the needs of the kinesthetic learner.

All courses include suggested pacing, extension activities, connections to literature, alternative assessment options, graphic organizers, and Elephango lesson connections.

Math 5 DOER

  • Math 5 DOER Curriculum Guide
  • Singapore Math Textbook and Workbook Level 5A and 5B with Keys (US Edition)

Social Studies 5 DOER

  • Social Studies 5 DOER Curriculum Guide
  • Steck-Vaughn History of Our Country Level E Student Book & Teacher Guide
  • Maps, Globes, Graphs Level E Student Book & Teacher Edition with Resource Binder Tests and Activities Packet

Science 5 DOER

  • Science 5 DOER Curriculum Guide
  • Pearson Interactive Student Textbook
  • Online Interactive Teacher Resource
  • The Young Scientist Series Kit 5: Water, Capillary Action, and Air

English Language Arts 5 DOER

  • English Language Arts 5 DOER Curriculum Guide
  • Writers Express Student Handbook, Skills Book Grade 5, and Teacher’s Edition
  • Writers Express Teacher’s Guide Free Online Resource
  • Book Study Package – Including 10 Literature Pieces on Social Studies and Science Topics


  • Membership in the Bridgeway Learning Center
  • Unlocking Your Child’s Genius Handbook for Kinesthetic Learners
  • Elephango resources!
  • Divide into Shapes! A “Sea” and Build Geometry Set
This Kit Includes: